“Sacrificing technical completeness to justify user understanding isn’t the worst possible solution. Human lives and time should come before the science.”



“The intersection of social science and very high impact weather events is the current number one challenge for operational meteorology.”



“The way we communicate with the public, whether during a time of severe weather or during just a casual day, will greatly impact the trust the public will have in you when it comes to a life or death situations.”



“I love learning about weather, but I love learning how to communicate to keep people safe from weather more. People are important. Studying risk communication allows me to sit at the intersection of weather and people.



“Even a perfect forecast is useless without the ability to communicate it well.”



“A warning that doesn’t prompt action does not fulfill its purpose.  We have to find a way to bridge the communication gap between what we expect will happen and how it will affect the end user.”



“The weather warning dissemination process can be better understood when we add the knowledge of why people do what they do before, during, and after a weather event.”



“Effective communication is how we move conversations about the weather from small talk to big decisions.”