Here is our take on what principles of discourse and interaction will guide the conversations we hope to generate on these pages.

  1. Civility will be the hallmark of all of our postings. Even if criticism is to be leveled by a contributor, it will be done in such a way as to honor the essential humanity of others.
  1. Humor may be used, in addition to irony, exasperation, frustration, and alarm. But ad hominem attacks, character slurs, unfounded claims and the like will not be used.
  1. We will strive to use our adult vocabularies.  We will practice restraint in the use of profanity or other language that can reasonably be understood as offensive just for the sake of demeaning groups or individuals.
  1. We will welcome a wide range of divergent opinions and voices. But we will expect those voices to honor this code even as they may strongly, clearly, powerfully disagree with a posting.
  1. We reserve the right remove any posting that attacks, slurs, or defames, or in any other way expresses hatred toward any person or group. Instead, we invite you to share this journey and honor this code.

Thank you, and welcome to The Weather Social!