A “Delugeonal” Problem

By: Melissa Huffman

I had initially planned to write this post solely focusing on the 2015 Memorial Day flooding that occurred across the Houston metro. But Houston being Houston, it rained again. A lot. The 2016 Tax Day flooding saw a return of historic flooding to portions of Houston and surrounding areas. The locations, amounts, and onset of the heaviest rainfall were different during these events… but both were fatal.

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Common Warning Misperceptions

By: Dr. Laura Myers

Communication is one of the most complex processes that humans engage in. Messages are conveyed in many forms and the receivers of those messages “hear” or “perceive” this information in a very dynamic process. The weather warning communication process has been analyzed to determine how end users receive and act upon weather information, which has revealed where communication problems have occurred. It’s important to understand what the public understands or perceives and how they might take the wrong actions or inactions based on those understandings. When we understand these misperceptions, we can use that information to improve the weather warning process.

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Expert Addresses Greenhouse Gases and Global Warming

By: Mike Nelson

Professor Scott Denning at Colorado State University is an atmospheric scientist and climate expert.  Professor Denning does an excellent job of taking complex subjects and breaking them down to explain the science in an easy to understand manner – no small feat!

I recently asked Prof. Denning to address some of the basics of The Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming.

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