“We didn’t know it was coming.”

By: Mark Fox

This was one of the most commonly used phrases by the victims of the December 26, 2015, tornado outbreak. Twelve tornadoes impacted parts of North Texas and the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, killing thirteen. For several days leading up to the event, nearly every forecaster and meteorologist were talking about severe weather in North Texas on the day after Christmas 2015. The Storm Prediction Center had highlighted the area for days in advance. Our office had been talking about active weather for that weekend for over a week.

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If A Good Forecast is the Answer, What Is the Question? Part 1

By: Dr. Susan Jasko

I have been teaching at the university level for more than 25 years now. I have taught first year students, seniors, graduate students, community college students, and returning adults. I have taught skills-based courses, such as public speaking and public relations, and theory heavy courses, such as interpersonal communication, semiotics, language and behavior, gender and communication, and decision-making. And hybrid courses, such as persuasion and oral interpretation. I have taught at public and private institutions. I have taught thousands of students.

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Texas Water: in a social context

By: Jon Jennings

One issue regarding climate change that has sparked little discussion is its impact on fresh water supplies in the west. California has been going through one of its worst droughts on record, while Texas recently recovered, for the time being, from its worst one-year droughts on record. However, the water crisis in Flint, Michigan has at least opened some eyes to the water woes that could be ahead of us if necessary action is not taken.

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