S.E. La. Tornado Outbreak: the line, the response, the takeaway


By: Josh Eachus

Days like Tuesday aren’t “fun” for meteorologists. Sure, your adrenaline pumps; weather is THE story, maybe forecasting or broadcasting the big tornado outbreak is what you dreamed of as a kid. But that adolescent excitement, that trigger-happy, model-tweeting teenager in you, is quickly jettisoned out of a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed state of being when the tornado outbreak isn’t just a figment of your imagination, or a college test, but a palpable, heart-pulsing REALITY.

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A Code to Go By

By: Dr. Susan Jasko

As a child of the 70’s, the lyrics of Teach Your Children Well, by Graham Nash came immediately to mind as I thought about what we wanted and needed to say about our expectations of ourselves and of others here on this blog. Nash wrote, “You, who are on the road, must have a code that you can live by…”. This resonates in several key ways for us as we discussed our aims and hopes for launching this communication effort. We vary in background and education, but share an interest in weather and climate matters, including the communication of scientific information to others. That is, to be more precise, we share a concern for the ethical, efficacious, and timely communication of such information.

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